Information about a council's climate commitments.

Includes both carbon reduction commitments and net zero ones. If the commitment is for net zero then has_promise will be true otherwise `false'

  • council - link to the council making the promise
  • has_promise - if the promise includes a commitment to net zero
  • target_year - the year the commitment is targeting
  • scope - if the commitment is limited to council operations or the whole council area
  • text - the text of the commitment
  • source - URL of the document the commitment comes from
  • source_name - name of the document the commitment comes from
GET /api/councils/BRD/commitments?format=api
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

        "council": "",
        "has_promise": true,
        "target_year": 2030,
        "scope": "Council only",
        "text": "Commits to becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030 (including Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).",
        "source": "",
        "source_name": "Climate Emergency Decleration | Bradford Metropolitian District Council "
        "council": "",
        "has_promise": true,
        "target_year": 2038,
        "scope": "Whole area",
        "text": "In summer 2019, Leeds City Region (LCR) declared a climate emergency aiming for a ‘zero- carbon city region by 2038, with significant progress by 2030’. This aim was adopted by Bradford Council in October 2019.",
        "source": "",
        "source_name": "Sustainable Development Action Plan | Bradford Metropolitian Council"