Information about a council's climate commitments.

Includes both carbon reduction commitments and net zero ones. If the commitment is for net zero then has_promise will be true otherwise `false'

  • council - link to the council making the promise
  • has_promise - if the promise includes a commitment to net zero
  • target_year - the year the commitment is targeting
  • scope - if the commitment is limited to council operations or the whole council area
  • text - the text of the commitment
  • source - URL of the document the commitment comes from
  • source_name - name of the document the commitment comes from
GET /api/councils/CHO/commitments?format=api
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

        "council": "",
        "has_promise": true,
        "target_year": 2030,
        "scope": "Council only",
        "text": "Chorley Borough Council declared a climate emergency in November 2019, with the council committing itself to be a carbon-neutral authority by 2030. ",
        "source": "",
        "source_name": "Climate Emergency Declarations | Chorley Council"
        "council": "",
        "has_promise": true,
        "target_year": 2030,
        "scope": "Whole area",
        "text": "That all relevant outside organisation member representatives, Cabinet Members and senior officers work with partners, including individuals and community action groups across the borough to identify ways to make Chorley carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions.",
        "source": "",
        "source_name": "Climate Meeting Minutes | Chorley Council"