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Worcester City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… will: • Improve the knowledge of our housing stock to ensure best targeting of measures to reduce emissions from power and heating • Widely communicate and promote government initiatives and funding opportunities to residents, such as the Green Homes Grant vouchers • Seek opportunities for city wide decarbonisation of heating through the use of hydrogen, seeking to capitalise on the local development…

Bolsover District Council

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….  To continue improving Bramley Vale from the funded gas main connection and heating upgrade project, the Council is looking to secure £410,000 from the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (GHG LAD) scheme Round 1B.  Continue working in partnership with Cadent Affordable Warmth (CAW) Solutions to fund gas connections to the most vulnerable Council Tenants so…

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

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… No. of Loan/grants provided 2.14 Support delivery of the new government Medium Low Q4 2020 No. of GHG vouchers Green Homes Grant within the borough provided within borough including promotion via available (if available) channels 2.15…

Bath and North East Somerset Council

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… Timeframe Expand our existing Affordable Warmth Grant scheme and support low income and vulnerable residents. The Housing service has taken 2020-21 advantage of the government’s new Green Homes Grant scheme, winning £500k under the local authority led element…

Copeland Borough Council

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…  Signpost local businesses and residents to efficiency of existing government loans and grants related to building-stock across the improving energy efficiency of buildings such as Borough and help those the Green Homes Grant announced in July experiencing fuel poverty 2020, CAfS ‘Cold to Cosy Homes’ scheme and Short Term to benefit from…

Woking Borough Council

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…. decarbonising the consortium bid on behalf of the majority of Surrey districts and boroughs energy supply for all Council buildings and under the BEIS Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme. It was operations and eliminate emissions directly through awarded £6.2 million under Phase 1B of the funding, and a further £3 million the supply of renewable / sustainable power under…

Tendring District Council

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… situation. Green Homes Grant Scheme - will see 11 All member briefing session by APSE Energy homes in the district benefit from energy Briefing by APSE Energy to all staff efficiency improvements Ongoing dialogue with Assistant Directors Exploration of submitting a bid to Social…

Dover District Council

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… of free install advice to residents on Green Home Grant Delivering Warm Home fund across the District…

Harlow Council

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…, and affect the levels of change required to reduce carbon emissions, including buildings and transport. 24. The Council’s housing stock is considered within two year HECA reports which address the energy portion of the carbon footprint of the housing stock, and the associated issue of fuel poverty. So, as not to double count carbon, these emissions are reported separately. The Green Homes

Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme will be utilised to improve energy efficiency in Council housing stock as well as the Council acting as a conduit for the funding rounds to secure funds for properties within Harlow under social housing registered providers and for private owner occupiers. 25. Good data management allows effective measurement and quantification of the benefits…

South Cambridgeshire District Council

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… of entering a bid for the 1st phase of the government's Green have secured funding for work to privately owned park homes through Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme but were unable to a successful consortium bid to the Green Homes Grant Local Authority…

Eastbourne Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… such as the recent Green Homes Grant. Fig.7. Proportion of households in fuel poverty by Lower Super Output Area 14 3.Eastbourne Borough Council Carbon Baseline 2018/19 3.1 Introduction This report is provided to define the baseline against which the council will monitor its own progress against its target to be carbon neutral by 2030. We have calculated…

Sedgemoor District Council

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… billion a year. bid for the first round of green home grants on behalf of buildings and SHAL and Homes in Sedgemoor to arrange for contractors supporting Insulating homes and installing energy-saving to fit the insulation from Matilda’s…

West Oxfordshire District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…, to Government’s Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (LAD) Scheme, focused on new and targeted housing energy retrofit projects. ● promoting and signposting partnership projects that support housing energy retrofit in West Oxfordshire, such as the Oxfordshire Cosy Homes Initiative. ● developing opportunities for new partnerships as the route to achieving wide-scale domestic…

Swindon Borough Council

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… available to identify funding sources to implement dependant on undertake Green Homes Grant work and to fund pilot identified energy opportunities across the scale and funding) surveys. Council’s estate D10 Introduce staff climate…

Folkestone and Hythe District Council

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…, particularly with reference to the Council’s sheltered housing. It is also reviewing the potential for external funding such as the Government’s Green Home Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme. Energy usage and options for dealing with it, whether it is in terms of a fabric-first solution, such as upgrading insulation or considering alternative sources of energy, are likely to form the focus of further…


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