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Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

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…. Agenda Page 72 What have we achieved so far?  Completed a review of our buildings to identify which buildings are using fossil fuel heating and would be suitable for renewable or low carbon solutions.  Working with our partners to identify alternate heating sources such as air/ground source heating pumps, natural ventilation sources, solar thermal, and alternative fuel boilers (hydrogen…

West Suffolk Council

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… vehicle, five all-electric power tools (chain saw, strimmer) for trial in Nowton Park, completed works installing a ground source heat pump at West Stow to replace the oil fired boilers and installed additional solar PV at West Suffolk House. 2.12 County Wide Work 2.13 Council officers and the Portfolio Holder for Regulatory have engaged with Suffolk Wide Climate Change meetings…

Carmarthenshire County Council

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… incorporated into many recent Modernising Education Provision 21st Century Schools projects and new housing developments. Battery storage is also being investigated and has been proposed for inclusion as part of the Glanmor new housing development. • Other low or zero carbon technologies that have been installed and evaluated for future inclusion where viable include: Ground source heat pumps

Bolsover District Council

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… £20k in Tangent. government feed-in tariffs. Most recently a replacement lighting scheme • Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) has been developed to replace the installed at Pleasley Vale Outdoor existing fluorescent tube light fittings Activity Centre. with energy efficient LED…

London Borough of Waltham Forest

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… GoL Government Office for London GSHP Ground Source Heat Pump HECA Home Energy Conservation Act IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPPC Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control ktpa Kilotonnes per annum LAA Local Area Agreement LBWF London Borough of Waltham…

South Lanarkshire Council

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… in 11 combined heat and power units, 49 our fleet and business travel. biomass boilers and 8 ground source heat pumps have all contributed to the Over the course of the previous strategy we overall carbon reduction. have reduced our carbon emissions from 135,256…

Fife Council

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…, will reduce transmission and distribution losses compared to the current generation and transmission system. Generating heat locally will allow Fife to make the best use of local resources whether that be heat from biomass, (including wood, energy crops and agricultural waste products); heat from air-source, water-source and ground-source heat pumps or using waste heat from industrial processes. Scotland…