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Bolsover District Council

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… £20k in Tangent. government feed-in tariffs. Most recently a replacement lighting scheme • Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) has been developed to replace the installed at Pleasley Vale Outdoor existing fluorescent tube light fittings Activity Centre. with energy efficient LED…

West Dunbartonshire Council

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… Councillor Iain McLaren, Convener of Infrastructure, EV Electric Vehicle Regeneration and Economic Development GHG Greenhouse Gas GSHP Ground Source Heat Pump LHEES Local Heat…

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

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… of greenhouse gases. Ground Ground source heat pumps use pipes that are buried in the garden to extract heat source heat from the ground. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor or warm air pumps heating systems and hot water in your home. ktCO2e The number of metric kilotons of CO2 emissions with the same global warming potential as one…

Cambridge City Council

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…. The following measures will be installed at The measures that are planned for Parkside Abbey Pool: Pool include: ●● A ground source heat pump (GSHP), BEMS ●● 2 air source heat pumps12 (ASHP) (subject…

King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council

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… alternatives. In late 2020, work started on a Re:fit phase 2, in which we obtained £3.8million in grant funding from the BEIS Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. This allows the council to further reduce emissions from its buildings, focusing on decarbonising heat through the adoption of renewable energy technology, such as air and ground source heat pumps. 6.2. Scope 1: Council vehicle fleet We…

East Ayrshire Council

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… a number of sites that have renewable technologies currently installed. These include solar PV and solar thermal PV panels, Ground Source Heat Pumps and biomass boiler plant. Working with and incorporating learning from NERD and emerging technologies, we will continue to pilot renewable technologies to assist the journey to zero in our buildings, We will also consider the locality…

South Lanarkshire Council

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… in 11 combined heat and power units, 49 our fleet and business travel. biomass boilers and 8 ground source heat pumps have all contributed to the Over the course of the previous strategy we overall carbon reduction. have reduced our carbon emissions from 135,256…

Fife Council

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…, will reduce transmission and distribution losses compared to the current generation and transmission system. Generating heat locally will allow Fife to make the best use of local resources whether that be heat from biomass, (including wood, energy crops and agricultural waste products); heat from air-source, water-source and ground-source heat pumps or using waste heat from industrial processes. Scotland…


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